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Pet Sitting Services for Cost Conscious Pet Owners On A Budget 

 Pet Butler, Charleston, SC - Pet Sitting For Cost Conscious Pet Owners On A Budget

Affordable Pet Sitting Rates and Services For Cost Conscious Pet Owners On A Budget

Very affordable rates

Leg Stretch Potty Break

$9 per visit (minimum 3 days per week)

This 15-20 minute visit covers one pet with an additional $2 per extra pet. Your dog is taken out to potty, provided with fresh water, treats if requested, and given love and attention. If meds, feeding or a walk are needed, please schedule a 30-minute Royal Standard visit. Leg Stretch Potty Break can only be used once per day, during the midday (11:00 AM to 3:00 PM) a minimum of four days per week. We do not retrieve mail, newspapers or packages, water herbs/plants, nor take care of recycling or trash bins during this visit. This is an already discounted visit for those pet owners who are cost conscious and on a budget, but require their pet to be let out or taken out on a leash to bring necessary relief and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine several days per week due to long work hours or a busy social calendar. Pet Butler is here to help. We’re at your “Bark & Call!” As with any other service we provide, we will clean-up any pet accident/mess in your home and notify you of this. This is a shorter service in length, however, and we must stay on schedule. We exercise restraint in using it, but an “excessive pet mess” clean-up fee of $5 may be applied if the clean-up of your pet’s mess exceeds the timed scheduled visit.

Very affordable rates

Royal Standard

This is a full-service, 30-minute visit. Add $5 to make it 60-minutes if extra or special attention is needed for your pet.

Prices are as follows:

  • $13 per visit (single visit rate)
  • $12 per visit (minimum 3 days per week)
  • $11 per visit (minimum 5 days per week)

  • $10 per visit (minimum 15 days per month)
  • $9 per visit (minimum 20 days per month)

Very affordable rates

Boarding, Pet Day Care, Doggie Day Care, Vacation Care

Three 30-minute visits per day (for dogs) are recommended, service is for a minimum of seven days. Rate is $33 per day.

Very affordable rates


Vacation Care takes place at your Pet Butler’s home. There is a two to three pet limit depending on pet’s size and needs and they must be from same pet family. This is a home environment (free range, no cages), not a kennel. Minimum stay is seven days. Rates are $15 per day for pets under 25 pounds, $20 per day for pets 25 pounds or more.

Very affordable rates

Bed & Biscuit

This is ideal for a two to six day stay at Pet Butler’s home. There is a two to three pet limit depending on pet’s size and needs. The pets must be from the same family. $18 per day for pets under 25 pounds, $23 per day for pets 25 pounds or more. This boarding service is ideal for weekends or extended weekends away, short business trips, home showings, major home repairs, etc.

NOTE: For Bed & Biscuit and StayRover services, pet owner must supply pet food, medications and special treats as well as leash and collar with ID/valid tags, special bedding, toys and crates, if needed.

Very affordable rates

Additional Policies


Pet Butler does not charge for general topicals. For pills/oral medication (not administered through food), we charge $1 per pet, per visit, per pill. This applies as long as your pet allows us to medicate. For pets needing critical time meds, but are particularly resistant and require a lengthy treatment, there is a $5 fee. For subcutaneous injections, we charge $5 per pet.

Vet Emergency

In the event of an emergency (accident, illness, injury), Pet Butler will rush your pet to your veterinarian’s office or Pet Butler’s vet. You will be notified immediately and kept informed as we stay with your pet. If after hours, we will rush your pet to the emergency vet clinic. There is a $75 charge applied by Pet Butler due to a vet emergency. The client/owner agrees to pay the cost of vet services at the time of the visit to the vet.


Pet Butler offers affordable pet sitting rates. We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you, the pet owner and client. At this time, we accept cash and checks only. Payment is due prior to scheduled services dates at the in-home consultation. Returned checks will be charged a $35 fee plus all costs and initial charges based on local laws and regulations. If a check is returned, all future visits must be paid in cash at the time of the consultation. 

Holiday Surcharge

A $3 holiday surcharge is applied to every visit on the following days: New Year’s Eve and Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day/Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve and Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve and Day, and Day after Christmas. A $2 surcharge is applied to every visit for the Saturday and Sunday prior to and the day of the following Monday holidays: Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. The entire surcharge goes to your sitter to thank them for spending time away from their family and working on a holiday. Pet Butler sitters may accept gratuities.

Service Area & Miscellaneous

Pet Butler will not pay for parking in the Downtown Charleston service area. There must be a parking space provided

for us. Pet Services between the hours of 10pm and 6am are subject to a $5 surcharge. 

Service to Daniel Island is subject to a $3 surcharge due to distance, still less expensive in total then most sitters.

Please contact us about our Pet Taxi Service, a convenient and affordable method to transport your pet(s). 

Key Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service

See the Getting Started page.

Lock Box Service

See the Getting Started page.