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Pet Butler, Charleston, SC Guidelines & Policies

Abandon Policy

If you abandon your pet in our care, Pet Butler has the right to report your actions to the appropriate authorities and give your pet up for adoption, etc. The client will be held 100% liable for reimbursing Pet Butler for all expenses incurred during this time period.

Cancellation & Holiday Cancelation Policy

Once a sitter shows up, they must be compensated. Clients cancelling their visit with less than two (2) days notice will be charged the normal rate for the first visit. Failure to provide any notice (failure to cancel) will result in paying for all visits. Clients who need to add, cancel or change the time of any visits must provide Pet Butler with at least two days notice via email or by calling 843.343.6615. Only changes made through the Pet Butler office will be accepted. No refunds for cancellations of less than two days notice will be given. Because pet sitting services receive more requests for reservations than we can handle during the holidays, and we may have turned away other clients because we have reserved time for you during this busy season, if you cancel seven days or less prior to any holiday, you will be charged for one-half of those visits.

Early Return Policy

Pet Butler carefully schedules our time to service you and our other clients. Therefore, if you are returning home early and have scheduled visits, please contact our office at least two (2) days in advance. Once a sitter shows up, they must be compensated. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to contact Pet Butler within four hours of their return.

Fence Policy

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Fenced-in yards are wonderful play spaces for pets, however no fence system is totally secure for your pet’s safety. Pet Butler does not accept responsibility or liability for any client’s pets that escape, are injured, lost, or die when pets are left out or given access to a fenced-in area. This includes electronic, metal, wood, plastic or any other fence type.

Inclement Weather Policy

Pet Butler will use our best judgment when caring for your pets and home at the time of inclement weather (primarily flooding, hurricanes, storms, etc.). We will try to carry out your instructions to the best of our ability. The care and safety we provide your pet is our first concern. Our inclement weather policy is as follows: every effort will be made to drive to your home. The service plan may be altered, changed or interrupted due to circumstances. If it is not possible to drive safely to your home, your emergency contact will be notified. You will be notified that this contingency plan has been activated. Please make arrangements for a family member, friend or emergency contact to take your pets in the event of an earthquake, evacuation, major hurricane, major flood, prolonged power outage, natural disaster, etc. Pet Butler will not be responsible for removing your pet from your home.

Late Booking Policy

Need a sit ASAP or within 24 hours? No problem. Please contact our office and we will do our best to arrange the requested sit for you with the addition of a $10 late booking fee. The fee is in place to help make up for the extra attention that your last minute request requires. The office will try their hardest to make this possible and the sitter will make adjustments to their schedule to make sure they can take care of your pet’s needs as well.

Privacy Policy

Pet Butler values the trust you place in us with the care of your home and your pets. We do recommend you inform a trusted neighbor that while you are away, we will be caring for your pets and your home. We do not share your information with anyone outside of Pet Butler. Client files are kept secure in our office and keys are coded for confidentiality and locked separate from other client information. We do not answer the door or your phone while we are visiting. We limit our conversations and interactions with neighbors as much as possible. We don’t answer their questions or give them information about you or your whereabouts. We work hard to earn and maintain your trust.