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Pet Butler services virtually all of West Ashley and Daniel Island as well as parts of North Charleston, Downtown Charleston and John’s Island. When scheduling our arrival, we use a 2 hour time “window”.  We provide bonded pet sitting and are an insured member of Pet Sitters International, and Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We provide very affordable pet sitting and pet services for your pet family. So, whether it's pet day care or dog walking, call Pet Butler!

Affordable rates for pet sitting

Contact us to request service and schedule your in-home consultation. Call 843.343.6615, email [email protected] or complete the inquiry form below. We make house calls! This is a great time for you to meet your sitter face to face and to see if you think we will be a purr-fect fit for your fur, feathered or finned family. During the consultation your sitter will gather information about your pet’s needs, learn of their routine as well as your expectations, from where to place the scooped litter to a quick lesson on the commands that your pet knows. We’ll also complete a few forms to help us create a personalized pet care plan providing the detail and level of care needed for your pet family. We can email forms to you in advance of your consultation. You should plan for a 30- to 60-minute visit, depending on the number of pets in your family. Affordable pet services - pet sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, doggie day care, ... made easy!

Please provide us with two (2) working sets of keys, including mailbox keys and garage door openers as well as entrance codes, FOBs and swipe cards and all that are applicable. We’ll need to collect copies of your pet’s health records from your vet showing that immunizations are up to date. Your vet can typically fax or mail these to you. This is for the safety of everyone’s pets. In addition, should there ever be a medical emergency where we must take your pet to a vet other than your own; we’ll have the medical history available to aid in the diagnosis and treatment.

Payment will be made prior to scheduled visits, at the time of the in-home consultation. We accept cash or check only at this time.

Affordable rates for pet sitting

Pet Butler will provide you with a receipt and a confirmation prior to our visiting to pet sit, prior to your out of town departure. Confirmation will be made by email, but can also be made by phone providing we speak directly with the pet owner.

To ensure Pet Butler will always be ready to provide routine pet sitting for you and your pet family, you may choose to use our Lockbox Service. At the time of your in-home consultation, we require two (2) working sets of keys, etc., one for the sitter to hold while performing your sit and the other for the office as a back-up. By choosing to use our Lockbox Service, we will always be able to provide service to your pet family. In case you’d like to provide keys to us at the time of each sitting engagement, we can pick up the keys from your residence and drop them off, each for $6 one way. Keys are kept in a lock box system, are coded for confidentiality, and locked separately from client information and files. The majority of our clients choose for Pet Butler to retain a set of keys in their office lock boxes, ensuring we'll both be ready to go the next time you schedule OR if you ever need our Lockbox Key Service. You may elect for Pet Butler to retain a set of keys if routine pet sitting is needed. Additionally, our Lockbox Key Service is offered to let owners back in if they have gotten locked out. If you need Pet Butler to bring your key to you, our rate is $12 round trip, much more reasonable than a locksmith or breaking a window. 

Pet Butler will not pay for parking in the Downtown Charleston service area. There must be a parking space provided

for us. Service to Daniel Island is subject to a $3 surcharge due to distance, still less expensive than most sitters.

Please call for details about our Pet Taxi Service, an affordable and convenient way to transport your pet(s).

Service between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM is subject to a $5 surcharge.

Affordable rates for pet sitting

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