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Fully Insured and Bonded Pet Sitting

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

PetButlerCharleston is committed to providing gentle and loving in-home care for your fur, feathered or finned pet family. We offer very affordable, experienced and reliable pet sitting around the clock, all year long. Reassuring “peace of mind” while you’re away, be it work, travel or a busy social calendar. Our goal is to keep your pets on their regular schedule – happy, relaxed and stress free. Some of the advantages and benefits of choosing us are:

  • Your pets remain happy and stress free at home in their safe and secure environment, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.
  • No need to impose on family, friends or neighbors who often forget things, pet meds, important details and instructions, alarms and doors. They’re often too busy, untrained and, unfortunately, their hearts aren’t in it.
  • Your pets remain cage free and their exposure to illness and unfamiliar surroundings is minimized.
  • Your pets receive personalized attention - experienced, gentle and loving.

  • ‘Very’ affordable, available around the clock, experienced and reliable.
  • Sitters are trained to respond to emergencies and first aid situations.
  • Your pet’s diet and exercise routine remain uninterrupted.
  • Medications and injections can be administered.
  • Separation anxiety can be reduced or eliminated.
  • No trauma - transportation concerns.
  • Mature adults will provide care for your pet.

Mr. Joe, or "JoeJoe" to his 2 'n 4 legged pet clients and friends, pictured here with Miss Peanut, a Corgi-Terrier rescue.

As you add up all of these benefits you’ll realize your time away from both your home and your pet family will be made easier than ever and you will have the "peace of mind" and reassurance of knowing that a responsible animal lover, an adult who values your pet’s life, will be caring for your pet’s needs and monitoring your home. Furthermore, Pet Butler hopes to save you some of your hard earned money. If you're cost conscious and on a budget, PetButlerCharleston is for you!

Starting PetButlerCharleston Pet Sitting was a natural extension of my love for animals. I’ve been a life-long pet owner and support a number of local and national organizations dedicated to the adoption, health, humane treatment, rescue and well-being of animals. The Good Lord created both human beings and animals. We all deserve love. I believe the Golden Rule applies to both people and to their beloved pets. In 2009, my personal experience with a pet sitter gave me an appreciation of this invaluable service and the inspiration to start a pet day care, dog walking and pet services business.

A Visit by Pet Butler Typically Includes:

A walk and or “let-out,” fresh water refills, treats (if requested) or meal (not included with Leg Stretch Potty Break service), medication (see Meds), cuddling and love, playtime and special attention, brushing, litter box scoop/pet accident or mess clean up (we’ll inform you and do our best to find a solution to the problem), and disposal. We can water some herbs & plants. We’ll also perform small crime deterrent activities such as adjusting blinds, curtains and lighting, retrieve mail, newspapers and packages, taking recycling and trash bins to or from curb and visually check and walk property and set alarms. Lastly, we’ll leave a Pet Butler Activity Log (much like a report card) for you to read upon your return home. We’ll also personalize an email or text to you, unless you’d prefer a phone call, at the end of each visit or upon the last scheduled visit of the day, perhaps after we ‘tuck' your pets in at night. We’ll work with you to customize and personalize your service.